Rants and raves from students that have and are attending school at PACS, Pillager Area Charter School.  Read below what great things the kids have to say about their school.


“The funnest day I had at PACS was when we took a trip down to the cities for the Renaissance Festival.  I had an amazing time with all the students and teachers.  First we went to Paddleford and took a two hour boat ride down the river.  Later that day our groups split up and half of the students went the science museum and the group I was in went to the Mall of America.  It was fun and I had a blast.”

-Student, 2011-2012


“The best thing I have done at PACS so far is switch to this school.  We have a lot of freedom and we earn a lot of credit.  It’s not like a normal school where there are so many restrictions.  The environment is very laid back and if you get your work done you can graduate early.”

-Student 2011-2012

“Since I’ve been here at PACS I’ve had the time of my life.  This is the best school I’ve ever been to.  I’ve had so much fun.  I’ve made new friends and I went on so many trips this year.  I love the teachers here too.  They help me a lot.”

-Student 2011-2012

“At PACS I’ve experienced lots of things.  The teachers have stuck with me even when I would be difficult.  Because they want me to get an education and want me to be somebody instead of staying on this pasth of destruction.  They help me to get here when I don’t have rides.  They go to a good extent just to keep us in school.  I have a lot of friends from this school and I can trust them.  I’ve also learned a lot from the teachers and students.  We have also went to fields trips; they help me push myself.  I will always appreciate this school.  Thank you lots!”

-Student 2010-2011