Testing Dates

Testing dates for 2019-20:

NWEA Testing:

24 SEP 2019: NWEA MAP Math

26 SEP 2019: NWEA MAP Science

01 OCT 2019: NWEA MAP Reading

10 DEC 2019: NWEA MAP Math

12 DEC 2019: NWEA MAP Science

17 DEC 2019: NWEA MAP Reading

31 MAR 2020: NWEA MAP Math

02 APR 2020: NWEA MAP Science

07 APR 2020: NWEA MAP Reading

MCA Testing:

03 MAR 2020: MCA Math, Reading, and Science

Makeup Days:

10 MAR 2020: MCA Math, Reading, and Science

17 MAR 2020: MCA Math, Reading, and Science

ACT Testing:

25 FEB 2020 - 27 FEB 2020 (Online)

District MCA results

Go to the Minnesota Report Card to see results for our school, state results, or any other school in the state.

PACS Assessments

These assessments are how we keep running records of student learning as well as report to state and federal governments on how our school is performing. Listed below are the primary assessments we use for these purposes.

NWEA - The Northwest Evaluation Association assesses current student knowledge in-depth. The information is used to flag areas where students may need additional support. The NWEA is administered three times per school year: fall, winter and spring. Growth goals are set at the beginning of the year; teachers use these to target specific areas where students need help. The NWEA is also used to report to our authorizer--Audubon Center of the North Woods.

MCA - The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment is an assessment required by the state of Minnesota for school accountability. The state is required by the federal government to assess students in reading (10th grade), math (11th grade), and science (12th grade). The MCA is administered once a year in the spring.

ACT - We offer our 11th graders (and 12th graders who have not taken it) a nationally-recognized college entrance exam. It will be administered during a school day (with a makeup day). Students will be able to submit their scores to colleges of their choice, just like the national Saturday administration of the test. There is no cost for the test we offer our students. Students are also allowed to register, at their own expense, for Saturday administrations as the rules allow if they wish.